Sunday, October 30, 2011

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Hello! While choosing my outfit for a friend's 25th on Friday night, I noticed that I seem to have developed a small obsession with bird-related clothing and jewellery items.

1&2: Dress on left from TEMT, dress on right from Dotti (in stores now)
3: Mah collection!
4: Ring on right from Diva (in stores now), ring on left from Colette
5: Necklace from kirstin ash (the first birthday present from my boyfriend, aaww)
6: Can't remember where either of these are from, but they are nice so LOOK AT THEM.
7: Gold earrings from Colette
8: Necklace from Colette

I'm not even a huge fan of birds. If I walked outside and saw a bird, I would say "hello" and keep walking. If, however, I walked outside and saw a cat, I would run up to it, go "SQUEEEEEE" while giving it a cuddle, regardless of whether it hisses at me or runs away. And then if it ran away I would chase after it, making crazy eyes while rattling some cat biscuits. This is how I go about making friends with humans, also. But yes. I do love me some bird print.

My weekend has been pretty good. As I said before, I went out on Friday night to a friend's 25th. My three best friends from high school were there, it was weird but also cool to be able to hang again like old times. During school we were inseperable but then we drifted apart pretty much straight away. Sob sob waaaahhh. After the party we went to a titty bar in the city (a city titty bar?) and were the only females with clothes on. As I'm sure you can tell, I only visit the very finest of establishments.

Also on Saturday my boyfriend and I went for a drive to look at the house that we're going to be moving into next year! It's right on the waterfront in a cool little area. Pretty badass! Can't wait to finally move out of home!


  1. yay for awesome weekends. i love the dresses and the bird accessories.

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  2. Hahahaha I lol'd at your first paragraph. I'm exactly the same with cats, any walks around the block take forever because I need to visit all the neighbourhood cats, cuddle them and talk to them all. Crazy cat lady.

  3. i so went through that phase, and sort of still am as i really love anything bird like. definitely going to have a bird filled house one day

  4. "If I walked outside and saw a bird, I would say "hello" and keep walking." :D Sometimes I do that too! Mostly to crows because those are my favorite ones. I also like ladybirds so sometimes I say "hi" to them also.

  5. Ahhh ooh my goodness, I am the exact same way with cats! I love trying to get them to like me :333

    These bird pieces are so gorgeous! The print on those dresses are too pretty.

  6. CUTE omggg little penguin earrings.
    I've never been to a stripper place before. I think I would be too scared. Oh man last night at work was AWFUL I had two sets of guys come up behind me and scare me when I wasn't looking and there was just a lot of drama in the house anyways ;__; THEN MY CAR RAN OUT OF GAS hopefully tonight is better cause it's my last day. :<

    meeeoooooooowwwwwwwww biscuits for me please

  7. I feel the same about birds! I love the print. The animal? Not so much ahah.

    Oh, and about the Dotti contest: I probably haven't won. The contest is over and I haven't receive any e-mail. Maybe some other time :)

  8. So cute, all those bird things are loverly!!
    Hope you are having a really nice Sunday!
    Ellie xx

  9. Haha, that's so cute! I seem to buy things in a pattern too and don't realize it until I step back and look at my wardrobe. Right now I seem to keep buying floral things!

    Driftwood and Daydreams

  10. Birds-related stuff are wonderful :x Especially the blue penguins earrings - are they made out of Murano glass ? :)

  11. loving your bird collection, so sweet. sounds like you had a fun weekend


  12. I adore these dresses! good choice!
    xoxo, Betül

  13. HOLY COW I am jealous of your collection. Wear it all at the same time and you'd look like a walking aviary, it'd be brilliant! Hope you enjoyed that cittity bar, your life sounds far more exciting than mine xx

  14. OH MY GOODNESS I MAY HAVE TO JUST STEAL THEM AAAALLL! Brilliant blog. I adore your style

  15. Hey! THanks for the comment on my blog, the girl wasn't me, it was my friend Brittney which I seemed to ahve failed to mention in the post! whoops!!

    I love those dresses :) and I have that bird ring, the one on the right! except i never wear it because it doesn't fit the right fingers.

  16. i love birds, they always in my inspiration projects

  17. oops, this post makes me wish I could raid your jewellery box :D breathtaking collection, lucky you! :)

  18. Love the bird stuff!


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