Wednesday, November 2, 2011

holiday list


I am officially on holidays until the end of February 2012, apart from two weeks of summer semester torture that I must endure at the end of November/start of December. Boohoo. This also co-incides with my 23rd birthday. Double boohoo. I don't want to turn 23. I need a time-turner. Where is Dumbledore when you need him?

Oh, that's right.

I literally have nothing to do these holidays, as I don't have a job anymore. So here I present to you ...

The List Of Things I Should Probably Accomplish These Holidays.

1. Spend quality time with my good friend Elissiam. If you click on that it will just link you back to the very same blog you are currently perusing. I'm so sneaky.

2. Stop eating shit and start exercising. My diet is ridiculous and I don't exercise. At the start of this year I was beginning to really get into health and fitness. My boyfriend and I joined a 24 hour gym and went anywhere between 12am - 4am, because we are cool night people like that, and there is nobody else at the gym during those hours who laugh at you while you sweat over 5kg weights. We both went on a low-carb diet and he ended up losing something like 15 kilos over a couple of months. I lost about 7 kilos, which is alright, but I didn't work really hard at it. It was both flattering and insulting when I saw friends that I hadn't seen for ages and they'd tell me, "OMGZ YOU HAVE LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT LOL cuz you used to be a fat bitch rofl.". I was never that fat to begin with! I guess it was more noticeable to them because it was around that time that I started wearing more fitted, less boyish clothing, so it seemed that I had lost more weight than I actually did. On another note - I went for a walk this morning. YEAH I'm an athlete.

3. Write some songz. My boyfriend and I (his name is Gareth, by the way, and he is nice) started writing songs together in 2009. At the time he was doing a Bachelor of Popular Music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music on the Gold Coast. For his final assessment he had to record a few original songs, so we spent ages at the studio writing and recording. The point of this story is that we now have a few original songs that the both of us are quite proud of, and over the next year intend to record an album. We actually started doing this the other night, so yay yay very excite I like.

4. Read some bookz. Still haven't finished The Milennium Trilogy. I'm so lame.

5. Make some friendz. I don't really have any "close" friends. I do have a group of friends, and it's usually fun when we hang out (provided it's as a group, I'm terrible with one-on-one situations), but I don't feel as though my life would be worse without them. That's a shit thing to say but it's the truth. I feel that in order for me to break away from old friends who don't make me happy, I need to make some new ones that do. If you live in the Brisbane area (or anywhere really), and you want to befriend a strange pink-haired girl, let me know. We can frolick about wearing hats and picking flowers. Kind of a more feminine version of this, although it's quite feminine as it is.

6. Watch more Breaking Bad. SOOOO. GOOOOD.

7. Change hair ... again. This is cheating somewhat because I'm going to the hairdressers on Friday. What should I do?! Please give me suggestions. Purple? Browny-purple? Fringe? No fringe? Short? ...Purple? Dear hair, please don't fall out, love from me.

8. Get mole removed.  I have a big obvious mole on the side of my face that has been growing and getting darker over the past few years. The other day I went to a dermatologist and he was like "that will probably turn into melanoma, GET IT OUT NOW!" So I have to go back in a few weeks to get plastic surgery. Eeeeeep.


10. I really wish I could think of number ten to make my list even, but noooo, brain doesn't work good.

I guess I'll add to this list over time, but I guess the main thing is that I'm not stuck in the house all day and am actually doing things with the huge amount of time that I have.


PS - I should mention that I changed my Blogger display name. I didn't realise it was set to "elissiam," which isn't my name, silly billies. I don't think I have ever introduced myself on this blog, but my name is Kirsten. HELLO. So don't be alarmed if some strange fool called Kirsten suddenly starts being all chummy with you on your blogs. It is not an imposter. I made an "about me" page a while back which further proves that my name is Kirsten, in case you are feeling skeptical. That's a funny word, isn't it? Skeptical. SKEPtical. SKEP TICKLE.


  1. Oh hai Kirsten! I was like who da f? lol Anywho thanks for your comment by the way made me actually LOL if you know what I mean jelly bean. Im loving your list I need to do me pretty much all of those except write songs because 5 year olds could write better songs than me! As for hair so many choices eeee and Im the same Im already wondering what I can do when this pink fades out....but for idea haha i say a bit shorter and maybe a pastel purple? Ok thats enough worlds longest comment geeeeeez xx p.s. I'll be your long distance friend! hehe

  2. ahh this post made me laugh :')

    Number 2 is very much on my list too! Eating shit (nonliteral...) and not exercising are things I could probably get doctorates in so I'm making a pledge to move my buttocks and try to be a vaguely healthy person!... we'll see how long that lasts.

    ooh ooh thanks for the lovely comment on my humble little blog also. It was most sweet :) You too have a rather spiffing blog if I may be so bold :D xxx

  3. *I have also followed you... I am always feeling exceptionally nice ;) *

  4. Hi Kirsten! Great list! The Millenium series is good. I think you should go purple on Friday.

    Good luck getting your mole removed, I had a melanoma removed from my back last year and it's quite scary. You'll be fine though!

    Aw I wish I lived in Brisbane, I would totally be your friend! xx

  5. Ahh, that's a good list! You've inspired me to make one myself, as I'm rather aimless at the moment! I reckon getchoself a killer fringe, but the pink you've got already looks amazing. I'm rather envious. I'd come and be your friend if Brisbane wasn't 10million miles away. Bloody geography...

  6. Ha, I want a list !

  7. I like this list. You seem to be a person with a great sense of humor! :D

  8. DUDE I've lost like, at least 10 lbs with some dance classes and taking dairy out of my diet. I've been cheating a lot recently with my sudden love for NUTELLA but I am skinnier! Plus running around at fright fest probably helped a lot too. MAKE A POST ABOUT YOUR BOYFRIEND he better be a good boyfriend or I will take care of him.
    You should post some of those songs on soundcloud for people like moi who want to hear!
    <3 muy amor


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