Monday, September 19, 2011

things i want to do at some stage

I like to make lists, and so that is what I shall do.

The List Of Things I Want To Do (incomplete and in no particular order):

1. Buy an awesome keyboard and PA system so that I can start a wedding entertainment business. I will then contribute to a happy and loving matrimony between the couple by singing songs such as "Who Let The Dogs Out," and "My Humps". I know an appropriate wedding song when I see (hear?) one.

1a.  Stop being a lazy bitch and write some fucking songs. Ooh, anger. I like it.

2. Move to London so I can become best friends with these guys.

3. Get a job that doesn't involve getting abused by arseholes who missed their bus and have to wait ten hours for the next one, because they live in Gympie and expect the public transport network to be similar to that of Tokyo.

4. Write book. Remember not to write about magic or vampires, as these subjects have already been heavily covered.

5. Make lots of money so I can buy things that are of a similar nature to these.

6. Finish stupid degree.

7. Win this competition (my entry is called orange & lace) because I have a completely unjustified loathing for the girl who is currently in first place. The other day I was winning by about thirty points, and I was like "YESSS", and went to sleep. Then I woke up and she had an additional hundred points. This has happened twice now. She is probably cheating and it makes me annoyed. Boohoo. (ps it ends on Thursday and I need at least another hundred votes to win please vote on every browser on every computer you have kthx.)

8. Move out of home. This will hopefully happen in a few months. It would be most pleasing.

9. Do some sort of outgoing exchange through University, hopefully to Japan so I can learn to speak Nihonjin good desu ka?

10. Make more lists because they are cool and make me forget about impending assignment of doom due on Friday. Ask me if I've started it. No ... no I have not.

Also, I made a tumblr. Follow me if you want, not that I've posted anything yet but I'm sure I will become an annoying tumblr person who reblogs pictures of cats and Twilight gifs. The only tumblrs I'm currently following are "Fuck Yeah, Harry Potter!", "Fuck Yeah, Twilight!" and "Fuck Yeah, Lord of the Rings!" Did you know that I'm really cool? I bet you did not.


  1. Lol, you crack me up.
    I like lists too, hopefully you'll get to do everything on here!
    Just voted for you, that skirt is stunning with the lace <3

  2. I loved for you twice more! Hope you beat her! ;)

  3. Lol, nice list, a wedding band would be quite cool, especially your one!


  4. Well, some things sound pretty good to me! Like me out home for example! But where do I go?! That's problem number 1


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