Sunday, September 25, 2011

clothes glorious clothes

I've been incredibly slack on the ol' outfit pictures of late. This is because I've been living in food-stained shirts and glow-in-the-dark pyjama pants for the past couple of weeks. Stupid university assignments. I guess I could post a photo of that, because I've now made you all jealous by mentioning that I own glow-in-the-dark pants, but I will refrain.

My method of procrastination is looking at pictures of girls wearing awesome outfits and wishing that I looked like that all the time. I think the word is called "inspiration"? Who knows. Please find attached said images that I find to be pleasing to the eye.

 It would appear from this selection that I really like hats, bows and hearts. What a girl.


  1. Great inspo! I really need to do one of those lists you've posted below too!

    Helen, x

  2. Inspiration indeed, gorgeous shots!
    How did you get on with the Dotty competition?

  3. Love all of these! Do you have blog links?

    I'm also wondering how you went with the Dotti comp! x

  4. hats bows and hearts are always fab


  5. I'm loving the flowery skirt, hate looking at inspiration while I'm poor though, makes me want to go shopping so much!

  6. I wish I looked like that as well =)


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