Thursday, August 11, 2011

tea time

Mmmmm, chai. Nothing better than drinking tea out of a cat mug. I like cats, and I like mugs. If my calculations are correct, this combination results in DOUBLE JOY.

I have done nothing today apart from drink tea and watch Seinfeld. What a fulfilling life I lead. I considered doing something worthwhile, but disregarded that thought immediately. You see? I'm too lazy to even think about doing important things. Brain instantly becomes distracted by images of cake and burgers.

My dress is from Dangerfield. I really like the Peter Pan collar. It came with a white ribbon that's supposed to be used as a belt, but I think it sits really strangely around the waist. It just looks really unflattering. So I put it in my hair instead. Hurrah! By the way, it is a light pink colour, but looks stupidly orange in the last photo. Damn you, bad lighting!

Gonna go eat some Froot Loopz now, despite it being 6:30pm which is no longer an acceptable breakfast time. I'm an adult.


  1. Your dress is super cute <3 I love your hair too!

  2. you look great, love your hair!

    would you please vote for me HERE by clicking "stem"? you're able to vote every day again and I'd be SO grateful! I really want to win xxx

  3. Ummm...I LOVE this dress. You, I might add, look absolutely gorgeous!

    And drinking tea and watching Seinfeld all kinda day! I'm gonna write you back when we get back from dinner. Leaving now...


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