Tuesday, August 9, 2011

iron helps us play!

Currently waiting around in the library at uni for my boyfrannnd to finish his learning experience. I'm getting some strange looks while I take these photos. Every so often I'm making stupid faces at my laptop. My fellow university peers in this library are all thinking, "this bitch be keraaaaaaazyyyy". 
Uni was a big pile of poop today. To be fair, it is a big pile of poop most days, but today was especially poo-worthy. I'm not a fan of these classes that are a giant waste of time. I'm a first year education student, and in a couple of weeks I'm going on a week-long observational prac in a high school. The subject I had at uni today was about how we should behave as teachers and what to expect from the different types of schools. The tutor brought up the topic of what to wear. She surveyed the room, telling people what was wrong with their outfits and how to make them more "professional". All the while she was sporting a muumuu and running shoes. Kind of like this, but less floral:

I am not even kidding.

Anyway, her eyes landed on me and she pursed her lips in disapproval of my outlandish pink hair and wacky Slytherin shirt. "I do not think many schools would approve of your hair," she said sternly. Oh my. Kids these days! 
I didn't take a picture, but this is pretty much what I wore today: 

I do not recall asking Mrs Tutor Lady whether my outfit would be deemed "appropriate" at a school, since I was at university whilst wearing it and all, but even then I'm not an idiot and obviously wouldn't wear a Slytherin shirt to a place of potential employment. Or maybe I would, if I wanted them to fear me, due to being a friggin' scary dark wizard. EXPELLIARMUS!

Boyfrannnnnnddddd just showed up so I'm going home to get fat and eat pizza, in that order. That doesn't make sense. Bye! 

lol face

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  1. LOL i cant believe she did that!! its kinda inappropriate!! we just got told not show boobs bum or bra hahaha!!! but high school might be a bit different. you are only observing though so first year shoulnt be a huge deal. i do wear some of the outfits i post on my blog but generally with a different skirt so that its a bit longer!! good luck on prac


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