Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the gun show

Top to bottom:
Forever New
(now with online store! Shityeahhh.)
Miss Shop
ASOS from eBay
Burberry, bought with the millions of dollars I have from eBay

I like to go shopping, I do. These are a selection of clothes I have bought recently that I have seldom or never worn. Not really sure about the maxi dress (first picture) because I don't really like wearing sleeveless dresses, and it would look stupid with a blazer or jacket over it. But it was $20 reduced from $90, so according to logic it was a wise decision. Yes. I will have to sculpt my guns at the gym to be able to wear this dress. And then I will invite everybody to the gun show. ho ho ho.

I'm off to play netball in about an hour, it's the first game back of the season! Hurrah! Haven't played in about eight weeks or so. I'm going to be stamping around like a clown because I don't remember how to play. Also I'm all fat now because I was constantly eating burgers and cake (burger cake ... mmmm) over the holidays, so I will just look like a big pile of jelly in netball shoes. I am an athlete.

I start prac teaching next week and I have NOTHING TO WEAR. HURRUMPH.


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