Friday, August 19, 2011

pumpkin head

Hat: Roxy
Blazer: Valleygirl
Shirt and skirt: Dotti
Shoes: Mooloolah

Apparently I only know how to pose in one way? Like some sort of half-arsed salute. Must learn more camera skillz. The skirt is about 10,000000 times more pumpkin coloured than it looks in the photos. Clever me, standing in front of a brown background. I like this skirt so much though. There's another one at Dotti in this "port" colour that I have been having erotic dreams about. I might purchase it if I still feel the same way in a couple of weeks. But this pumpkin one ... mmm. I never want to remove it. I want to sleep in it. I want to shower in it. I want to play netball in it. That would be awesome! I'd be the grooviest netball player that ever did live. 

Speaking of netball ... my boyfriend put together this video of our netball team, the Assassins. We used to be really crap but now we're pretty good. I play Goal Shooter and Wing Attack. Last week the other team's Goal Keeper (defence against a Goal Shooter) was ridiculous. Every time my team got the ball, regardless of how far away it was, she'd turn around to face me in some sort of leg-humping defence tactic. If you have ever played or watched netball, you'll know what I'm talking about. Whilst it's certainly an effective technique, it's just a bit creepy to have a stranger rub against you without so much as a greeting or commentary regarding the weather. That last sentence should not be taken out of context. Anyway, the first time the Goal Keeper did it to me I started laughing. My amusement seemed to confuse her, but she did not remove her sweaty body from mine. "Why are you raping me?" I enquired politely. Goal Keeper appeared embarrassed, and feebly replied, "because that's the way I like it." Touche, Goal Keeper. Touche.

So here's the video. Watch it in HD in full screen. Try to spot the rapist! (Hint: it isn't me.)


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