Friday, December 23, 2011

christmas video

Hello! I thought I would do something new today, so here is a video I made about nothing in particular. It features Christmas decorations, driving around Brisbane, Chester the Cat of Wisdom, and me pulling stupid faces. Make sure to watch in HD for maximum coolness.

Shirt: Dorothy Perkins. Skirt: Crossroads. Dress: Dotti. Shoes: Doc Martens. Bracelet: Diva. Belt: Portmans.

I hope you liked that, and that you didn't get the song stuck in your head. I think the lyrics are "angels we have heard on high, would you like to eat some pie?" Pretty sure that's accurate. I had much fun making this video, despite my laptop turning off every time I went to render it. Luckily my mad skillz saved the day. I think I will make another one on Christmas, will have to see how exciting the day actually is.

Now on another note - does anybody know where to find shirts with coloured collars? Kind of like this one:

This particular one is from Sportsgirl, but I don't really want to pay $70 for it. And that's the sale price. Might have to wait to see if it goes down in price after Christmas. I have been dreaming about this shirt for weeks now. Don't worry, Mr Shirt. One day we will be together, and we shall have little blue-collared shirt babies.

Farewell, you excellent and attractive people!


  1. ;-; I want to come to australia and play with your cat and eat fairy bread with you and your boyfrand and be warm.

    The one shot of you filming in your side view mirror makes me yearn for someone I could do that with.

  2. Love your little video are you a Northsider or Southsider?

  3. You could DIY the shirt? Buy a cheap white one, cut off the sleeves, and colour in the collar using a fabric marker (you can buy them at craft stores and the come out really vibrant) But remember to seperate the collar from the rest of the shirt when your colouring :) Now I want to do one :D

  4. Merry Christmas hun! Your vid was hilarious! <3

  5. Such a cute video, I love doing different things for my blog as well - but I'm not as clever as you in making videos!

    Also, I agree with Jessica's comment, DIY a shirt, I'd suggest even sewing panels on if you can.

    Loving your hair here too.

    Bianca x

  6. You made a very sweet video. I was watching and I felt the Christmas spirit in your home... thank you for sharing a little part of your life. The music during it is lovely too :)
    Hope you get together soon with that blue-collar shirt! You two would be great together!
    Good luck!

  7. Your vid is so cute, I love it!!!

  8. You are the cutest Kirsten! And so is your cat! :D I just loved this cute little video, you look adorable!
    I was thinking about doing a Christmas video too but I'm not sure if I still have the time! Typical Marisa!

  9. lovely video, so sweet! & your cat! eeeeeeeeeep so adorable:)

    Rosie Anna

  10. Your kitty is toooo cute! Happy hols!

  11. Hey miss! I hope you're having a good Christmas eve! I can't believe it's Christmas tomorrow, yay! I just did a post about Bellabox, it's my favourite out of all of them! They have really great brands and give good sized items (also their boxes are adorable!) Hope you have a good night!! xx

  12. Cute video, love your outfit and Chester is adorable! That shirt is gorgeous, hope you find it cheaper somewhere or Santa puts it in your stocking ;-). xx

  13. You are too cute & your cat is adorable!!

    Thanks for your comment hun, we're ok. Everyone is just really frustrated and over it. We hadn't had one in a while & everyone was just starting to get back to "normal" (normal is not the right word; you get what I mean though)but it's not over yet, maybe it never will be.
    The CBD has been blocked off for the past 10 months and they've still got a tonne of buildings to tear down, then they'll start on the residential'll be 10 years + before new "normal" is re-invented.

    Sorry that was far longer than I planned it to be! Enough negative crap.

    Have a lovely Christmas xoxo

  14. Hey girl a quick step by to thank you for your fab comments and to give you an award for your awesome blog
    so if you want to know what to do with your new award, plz check out my newest post and read the instructions.
    you really deserve it
    marianne of lure of the dark side.
    merry christmas

  15. Cute! Was that you on the piano? Merry Christmas :) I hope you have a nice day.

  16. Merry X-mas,

  17. The video is awesome and you look so cute =) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!

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  18. Your so cute love the video hun! Thanks for your comments, always appreciated. Hope you had a fab xmas and got spoilt! xx

  19. Lovely video!

    It's actually a mall in Singapore. I think they named it after the place in uk! Haha. Anyway, thanks for your comment! Hope you had a good Christmas:)

  20. that is such a cute top! <3

  21. love the christmas decoration!
    happy holidays

  22. Oh my gosh Kirsten, I really enjoyed this sweet and adorable little video. It was soo artsy! The piano Christmas song in the background made it for me. I loooved the filming of you at night, well, once the sun had gone down. It was all so beautiful and touching. Your cats are adorable by the way!
    OH, and I ordered my first dress from Dorothy Perkins after seeing your orders! I can't wait to see the dress when I get home! I'll tag you in that post when I wear it. :)


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