Tuesday, December 20, 2011

christmas food attack

(images from weheartit and daisy's world)

The above food items are pretty much what I expect my Christmas will consist of. Prawns, mango and salad to feign a healthy diet, and then going "awww screw it" whilst diving my face into brownies and fairy bread without bothering to use my hands. After this I will drink many a Pina Colada, but I hope not to be caught in the rain. Ho ho ho! What a comedian.

I got a haircut on Friday. I now have a fringe and slightly reddish hair. Here is a photo of me pulling my very best face:


I'm not quite used to it yet but I think I like it. I'm just a bit crap at styling it, is all. Give me tips, fringed ladies! I feel sorry for my hair this year. It has been brown, blonde, red, brown, long, bleached, fallen out, sad, purple, pink, short, fringey and then brown again. Yet I am not bald. This pleases me.

I hope you all have an excellent Christmas and that your menu consists of popular Christmas choices like fairy bread and chocolate spiders, like mine does. Haaaaaaa.


  1. OMG BABY I want some fairy bread. How do I make it? Also the santa hat strawberry brownie things look delisha nd make me drool.
    My dad made friends with the parents of a foreign exchange sutdent at our school (she played tennis on the team he coached) and then sent us a TON of shit straight from italy. Dried fruits, chocolates, a Swarovski crystal, coffee from their company, LEMON BOOZE. Oh boy early christmas I'll say.
    I really, really like your hair like this. It's dark, but nto too dark, so it doesn't make your skin look too pale. The reddish undertones brighten up your skin as well. Why are you so perfect and cute and adorable. :C
    When I straighten my bangs, I straighten it in a funky way to get MAXIMUM POOF. Like, you put the straightener at the base, but when you pull it along the hair, you pull it back over your head as oppossed to down in front of it and you pull it diagonally from the end of your bangs. Does that make any sense? I dunno. Give it a try!

  2. Me likely the fringe! Also, I really want some Greek salad, now...

  3. Yum this all looks delicious and I want to try out that brownie idea. I love the way the fringe bangs look on you!

    xo erica

  4. We absolutely love all the photos! The colors are so bright, lovely, and energetic! Really great blog!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  5. Man I wish I had the balls to change my hair as often as you do! I'd love to try dark brown but am too scared and worried itll take forever to get my hair blonde again....and droool that food looks delish - bring on the weekend!! xx

  6. wow this look so good. I'm getting hungery! very nice photos

  7. Hehehe you look adorable! Love the expression on your face. Your hair looks gorgeous! You really suit a fringe.

    I used to have a blunt fringe (I really miss it now) and the best thing for keeping it nice was a quick swipe over with a ghd xx

  8. We love your hair colour and your fringe !
    ok we love the brownie photo too ;)



  9. I am very intrigued by fairy bread? This looks amazing! I need dibs! And it also makes me hungry! Plus your hair looks a beaut.x

  10. The best advice I could give you for shorter hair, and fringes especially, is blow drying with a barrel brush and oodles of dry shampoo! If you're anything like me it's really easy to play with your fringe and mine gets greasy so quickly! Looks lovely though, love the colour :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  11. Your hair looks lovely :)
    Another Pina Colada lover here...can't wait for the festivities to begin!x

  12. Holy YUMMMM!!!! Especially at the mango!
    I love your fringe! Super cute. I just use a barrel brush as well and get the shape blow drying it over that. Then I lightly iron it. I like mine poofy. :)
    You look super cute either way and I too have done much damage to my hair this year. Hooray for not going bald! *knocks on wood*

  13. OMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG. I literally stared open-mouthed and salivating at those Xmas food pics for a good five minutes. Looks like you're having a bloody good Chrimbo!
    Your hair looks brilliant! Although I'm sure you could pull off baldness too. I've always been tempted to try it - bald chicks command respect. xx

  14. Mmm those food pics look good! Imma try my hand at baking this christmas, i'm going to attempt to make little gingerbread men! So excited, except I am the worlds worst baker :p Your hair looks amazing I love it! You look fantastic with a fringe, your hair is so full and thick and awesome! I tried a fringe a few years ago, bad move, my hair is way too thin and it went all stringy and I looked like a drowned rat hehe. Hope you're having a good week! :) x

  15. Oh, I can't wait to stuff my face on Saturday night :) your new hair cut is really pretty, the red tones compliment your skin tone nicely! You'll get used to the fringe, I had one for about four years, now I am growing it out, which is... yeah, interesting phase, let's put it that way :)
    Good luck!


  16. Oh dear, all of that foooood! It looks so yummy, I'm actually drooling! I wait all the year for Christmas to arrive so I can eat all the typical stuff! (But I must say that they are really different from the ones you have)!

    By the way, I'm loving your new hair! The fringe is adorable! :')

  17. Nawww those little santa hat plum puddings! What a fantastic idea for Christmas.

    Thanks so much for sharing, I am totally going to show my mum this.


  18. Ahhhhhhh!!!! All that food is EXACTLY what I need right now. I thought you'd made all of that and I almost had a heart attack thinking I needed to be at your house THIS MINUTE.

    I think your haircut looks great!

  19. Yum, all of those look delish!
    Loving the new fringe on you xo

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  21. I like your post so much! And these spider-cakes are amazing!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  22. yummy yum, love all the delicious food you posted there dear! About the hair, I´m on the same page, had it in some many different colours and styles and yet the hair is still growing strong! Baffling lol

  23. You look lovely with your fringe...and that food looks AMAZING!

  24. Well you've just made me extremely hungry! OMG that all looks delectable!


  25. All the food looks gorgeous! I really want to dye my hair red, I've bought the dye and everything, I just haven't got the guts to dye it! Yours looks gorgeous! xx

  26. Oh my nom! Is that first picture of a Panera chicken Caesar salad!? I know my Panera, and that is my absolutely favorite dish to get there!

    P.S. Those little strawberry Santa hat trees are SO STINKIN' ADORABLE. xx

  27. The food looks delicious and I think your hair cut is beautiful.

  28. Love the set of christmas food photos, i wish my christmas was as fancy as that! Thank you for the comment on my blog, it is so funny because I used to go on chictopia and lookbook and save images for inspiration too. Except it was for university projects so I'd actually draw street style images. Hope you like my blog. Your header is fantastic because I am a huge cat fan, so any blog that contains cats is definitely a winner in my eyes! x

  29. Love your hair and I think you styled it really well! :) This food looks delicious but I will also be stuffing my face with brownies and other things I don't need!!



  30. AHH I want a fringe :) looks so nice on you, I'm so scared my hair isn't thick enough yet :(


  31. I think that your new hair color and hair cut looks amazing on you, i really like it cause i think that it makes your eyes pop out, and they look much healthier.
    oh i am jealous of all the yummy christmas treats you post over here, i so want one right now, but unfortunately i am stuck inside my house with a cold and (Not so) yummy soups to accompany me.
    i didn't wish for a cold or fever but it seems like santa was extra kind and got me all sick and depressed. geez thanks santa.
    marianne of http://lureofthedarkside.blogspot.com/
    have a merry merry christmas( with lots of sweets and little guilty treats)
    as for your hair a nice advice is to pull it all back with a few strings of hair loose, around your face, do a ponytail , i think its my best advice, and you could also put lots of maskara and eyeliner to bring attention towards your eyes and banges.
    hope i helped just a bit

  32. keep in touch girl,
    in case you reply to my comment and i don't read it, copy and paste it on my blog, i would really like to keep in touch with you...

  33. OMG, all of these look amazing!! Especially the mango...and the strawberry/chocolate desserts! YUM!

  34. All the food looks so good (especially the cakes with the hats, how cute!) and your hair looks really nice! I love the fringe :)


  35. The food looks delicious and I love your picture! Happy Christmas! <3<3

  36. Oh man I'd love some prawns and crusty bread and mayo...

    And totally dig your new hair! Wish I could have a fringe like that...

  37. yummy!:) PS. To get a little bit in the Christmas mood.. Join my ‘Mystery fashion goodiebag’ giveaway with Monki, Pull & Bear goodies and more! here:

  38. Yum. Food. I too am great at the whole faking diet/being healthy thing.
    Also, Your hair looks amazing, incredibly pretty!

  39. You are just adorable! I like your hair color a lot. Also, those brownies(?) with little strawberry santa hats are SO cute!!

  40. I love christmas food and oh is that fairy bread? I loved eating that as a kid and I still really do! haha xx

  41. All that food looks so good!


  42. love so much your photos!

  43. looks so delicious! everything! :D




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