Saturday, October 1, 2011


I accidentally just bought these things:

Candy striped dress

Cat print dress (!!!!)
Green polka dot shirt

Peter Pan collar dress

Floral oxfords

Tan oxfords

By Golly, I'm such a girl these days.

How would you style the dresses? Particularly the candy striped dress? I don't want to be mistaken for a lolly shop cashier. Or maybe I do, so I can feign employment and steal all the candehhhh.


(I should probs mention all the clothes are from Dorothy Perkins, and you can find the links to the items in the captions!)


  1. I would style the candy striped dress in a couple different ways:

    - With white thigh highs and either your new brown brogues or some other red, white, or brown shoe. Maybe a White cable knit cardigan over top?

    - Wear a long skirt over the bottom and have a new 'top'.


    wtf why does europe and england have all the awesome clothes and have to have their money be more expensive than the dollar I want a cute cat dress ;-;

  2. those dresses look so gorgeous and cute!
    love the style of those days! it's so retro! :)

  3. I hate it when you accidently buy things! Do it all the time. Dorothy Perkins is so cool.

  4. I can't see why you couldn't resist - I wouldn't have been able to either! They're all adorable & I'm loving the prints <3

  5. oh my goodness, dorothy perkins dresses are so cute! There are just too many good dresses on the internet! But I can hardly ever bring myself to pay the shipping fees.

  6. Holy mess. Too much awesome >.< !!! Thanks for your wishing my puppy well, we thank you mhm :) xx


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