Sunday, October 2, 2011

september happened

Things I wore
(clockwise 1 2 3 4)
Things other people wore that I enjoyed and wanted to steal(clockwise 1 2 3 4)
Things that happened in September according to iPhone
(top to bottom)
1. Cake for a 25 year old.
2. Family picture.
3. Angry cat
4. Happy cat.

It would appear September mainly consisted of cats and cakes. A good combination if ever I saw one.


  1. omg, that happy cat is soooo cute n u have a really nice style. xx

  2. I like what you post here. If you have some time i´d like you check out my blog and follow me if you really want to.

  3. I love every single outfit on this post, but particularly the fourth one you wore!

    x Michelle |

  4. I concur, cats & cakes = not a bad month! :) I can't wait for Japan, this will be my THIRD trip - I'm in love with that damn country! xox

  5. Looks like a great month!
    Your kitty cat's are super cute <3

  6. Nice outfits!

  7. really like your third outfit! :)

  8. You know what I love?

    I love your raspberry coloured jeans.

    And I love the second cat picture because the cat has it's arm out like it took the photo itself.

    or maybe that's it's tail. I don't knnow, but it looks genius.

  9. Such a lovely post. I absolutely adore your outfit and that cat is so cute!!

    Sam xx

  10. Such a cute blog! Lovely pictures... I love your kitty cats :)


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