Sunday, September 4, 2011

hair noodles

My hair colour is swiftly fading and my roots are horribly obvious. I just remembered that I have an appointment at the hairdressers next week. I booked it way back in March with a Scoopon voucher that I had purchased. It was something like $60 for a cut, colour, treatment, and a $20 voucher for the next visit. They also throw in a head massage which I always find to be really awkward. Are you supposed to keep your eyes open? Closed? Do you say "ooohh yeah that feels really gooooodd," or do you continue the conversation you're undoubtedly having about the weather? Usually it doesn't feel that nice anyway because my neck is always in an uncomfortable position when they put your hair in the sink to wash it. Maybe I will be really over the top and scream, "YOUR HANDS ARE LIKE MAGIC," and then they will stop out of embarrassment. Problem Solvered.

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I'm really keen on keeping it a pastel colour, but I'm not sure whether to cut it or not. I want to keep it long but it's in pretty bad condition after I bleached the absolute shit out of it. I might keep it blonde, but just add heaps of different colours to the ends. Or I might just dye it bright red. I don't know! What do you think?! I need halp.



  1. Adding heaps of different colours at the ends sounds like a rad idea - I haven't seen that done before.

    You make me want to dip my hair into a cotton candy machine.

  2. Ohhhh I can already tell I love this blog. Following~

  3. PS I think the tips idea sounds cool, too~

  4. I had my hair bright red for about 7 years (I've only just gone back to my naturally dark hair) it was a similar shade to the 3rd shot.

    If you want to go red try the magenta from the colour fusion range from Redken - that was always my favorite! It's rich, vibrant & delish.

    Thanks for your lovely comment by the way <3
    I have a tribal style butterfly on each wrist (they're similar but not matching) and a bow on the back of each calf


  5. Ohhh excite, cant wait ti se what you get done! Ive got myself a hair appointment in a few weeks, still waiting on this purple to piss off tho! x


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