Monday, September 5, 2011

days seven and eight

I didn't do yesterday's post because I am a silly billy, so today will cover days seven and eight. For that reason it may be fairly lengthy. Hold on to your hats and/or horses.

Day 7 – Your favourite holiday.

Last year I went to Europe for six months with my boyfriend. We flew from here to Tokyo, then Helsinki, Paris and London where we stayed for four months. We lived in a fancy-arse area called Knightsbridge, in a little basement flat with three other people. I got a job as a receptionist at a health and beauty spa in the equally fancy-arse suburb of South Kensington. It was awesome because it was about a ten minute walk to work every day.

When we left London, we flew over to Prague and did a seven day tour of Eastern Europe, driving through Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. We then flew from Budapest to Berlin and did a three week tour of Germany, Scandinavia and Estonia. And then we went to Bangkok for a day on the way home.

It was the coolest and most excellent thing I have ever done. Please give me lots of money so I can go back again okay thanks!

Day 8 – A song to match your mood.

Pffffffffttttt. Quiz, ask me a cool question like the one before.

I will just leave you with what is arguably the best song in the world. The experts say that it is the most deeply profound song ever to be written, and that the lyrics showcase a kind of wisdom and clarity that even the best songwriters find to be completely enchanting.

lol hilarious.

If you've made it this far without wanting to fork your eyes out, good job. I would be greatly appreciative if you voted for me in the Dotti Style Nation competition. I wrote about it here, but the winner gets a $250 voucher to spend at Dotti. Bla bla, cue hilarious joke that I already made about spending other peoples' money. But seriously, please vote for me, largely because I've never won anything before and it sure would make me a happy camper. squeeee. Bye!


  1. Wow that's a lots of places to see in one holiday, I'm a bit jealous! I'm planning to go to Prague or Budapest before Christmas to visit some markets and drink lots of booze ;) would love to do a huge trip like that though!

  2. I TOTALLY HAVE THAT CD and it is on my ipod and I love B*witched.

  3. B*WITCHED WOOOO!!! Great photos too, your trip sounded amazing!


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