Tuesday, September 13, 2011

guggenheim for hair review

Warning: lots of pictures! So if you don't like pictures then turn away now. 

So yesterday I went and had my hair done at Guggenheim for Hair in Brisbane. I had a Scoopon voucher that included a cut, colour, treatment etc for $59. Having bleached the absolute shit out of my hair a few months ago, my roots looked horribly bogan and the ends of my hair needed a good chop.


So off I trotted to the city for my appointment. Upon arrival I was greeted by a kind gentleman and ushered to the cloak room. I was given a locker for the day in which to put my bag, which was cool, and was told to put on a little bathrobe. He then shut the door. I was a bit confused at this point. Was I supposed to only wear the little bathrobe? Had I unknowingly stumbled upon some sort of hidden brothel, cleverly disguised as a hairdresser? Shamefully, thoughts along these lines did run through my head. I am a strange human being. For the record, my suspicions were incorrect, and I remained fully clothed during my hairdressing experience.

I then went to greet my hairdresser and she asked me what I wanted. I told her I would like to have my roots bleached and to have a violet colour put through my hair. As the bleaching wasn't included in the voucher, she quoted me $90 to have my hair bleached and toned as well as coloured, which I accepted.

So she then put the bleach through my roots, which took about half an hour, and then washed it out at the basin after about fifteen minutes.

Enjoying a hot chocolate while my SCALP IS ON FIRE.

I don't know what happened after this, because I wasn't told, but I think that she then put a violet toner in my hair. I was then sitting with my neck against the edge of the basin for a good hour. Not to be a whinger, but it gave me such a headache. I was super uncomfortable because of the position my neck was in, and couldn't really move because I would have been dripping dye everywhere. The lights were stupidly bright as well, which made headache worse. Aah, first world problems.

The hairdresser came back and rinsed the purple stuff out of my hair. I could feel her searching through my hair as though something was not quite right, and then eventually she said to me, "so it hasn't come out as vibrant as I hoped it would," and showed me a piece of my hair. It was more or less the same colour I had walked in with. She asked if I wanted her to put some violet dye in (which I thought she was going to do anyway?) but by that time I had been there for about two and a half hours and was stupidly uncomfortable, so I told her not to worry about it. At least she did a good job on fixing my regrowth.

She then chopped off the dry ends of my hair, dried and straightened it, and I was sent on my way, $90 poorer. At least they didn't try to sell me anything.

These are a couple of pictures I brought in to show what kind of colour I wanted:

And this is what I ended up with (excuse dopey face):

Hmmm. Similar.

I suppose it's okay, because the colour it turned out to be is actually quite nice, and what I really wanted was to get my regrowth fixed anyway. And today I put some colour in the ends, which turned out really well.

I mixed the Pretty Flamingo and Raspberry Beret colours together, and then put in a bit of Whiter Shade of Pale towards the top to create a kind of "gradient" effect, or whatever the correct word to use is. 

I'm done with bleaching my hair though, it really has ruined it. I've got all these spiky bits at the top of my head from where my hair snapped off yesterday. When my roots start to show I'll probably get a dark blue or purple or something. But that's an adventure for another day!

So there you have it. I guess Guggenheim was alright, but they just need better customer service.



  1. Love the bright pink! can't believe how badly they failed at making your hair purple though!

  2. I just had a bad experience Monday with this salon, they said leave it over the weekend to see how you feel which I did and I'm still upset.

    I spent $199 on my hair for a colour that is dull and not at all what I was after. I even did the miles of taking in photos the day before I made the appointment to make sure they could acomplish what I wanted, I than took the photos with me as well to the appointment. They ran 4 toners through my hair to try and 'fix' it and 3.5 hours later still unhappy. I called back today to inform them I was unhappy, they offered to put another colour through my hair but not that they were able to get what I wanted.

    I asked for a refund, they don't give refunds but prefer to fix - surely they can understand that I have no faith in their salon if they couldn't do it first time around or after the four toners why would they now be able to fix.

    I'm so upset that I spent money on this salon for nothing, $200 isn't exactly milk money!

  3. Complain to fair trade everyone!! Because they are not using qualified hair dressers!!! Be aware of this place!!

  4. They are awful, i had an AWFUL experience!!!! i should've noted when walking past that the salon is perpetually empty.


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