Wednesday, August 24, 2011

cats and bows and lace

 I have much envy for people on Chictopia and Lookbook who always look so natural and relaxed in their photographs. I have to snap about a million photos until I take one that I don't cringe as much at. I never know what to do with my hands. They just feel like big spastic lumps of meat. You may now refer to me as Meat Hands. I guess it doesn't help that I take my photos using a self-timer with my camera on top of the refridgerator. Have to keep running backwards and forwards flailing my arms about. Ah, yes. I am clearly destined to be a model.

Being pretty new to Chictopia, I'm still not to sure what the "formula" is to be successful. There's the obvious factors such as having a DSLR, putting together great outfits and being a skinny young female, but I don't think that's everything. It's hard to predict what the most voted for outfits are on the "new photos" page at first glance. Sometimes I'm pretty surprised when I hover my mouse over the photos and see that an outfit where the person has taken a mirror shot with their iPhone camera has had more votes than a high quality photo with an amazing outfit and beautiful scenery. Confusing. 

Also there's the whole "I'm only commenting on your photo so you comment on mine" thing. I don't really mind, because I do it myself, but I only comment on and rate outfits that I think the member has put a lot of effort into, and of which I would wear myself. 

Anyway, enough about that. Here's a picture of my cat. (Yes, I am a poet, thanks for noticing.)

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  1. Haha I'm the same with my photos. Still very new to the idea of being a person who willingly steps in front of a camera (... that is also on a self timer, and requires a gumboot to focus on when I'm not in shot). Ohh awkward but still kind of fun.

    PS: That dress looks stunning!


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