Tuesday, August 23, 2011

back to school

Today was my second day of observation in a school. School kids are fun. The best thing I heard today was this:

Hospitality & Tourism teacher: "Can anybody tell me something that older people don't use as much as younger people?"
Student: "The internet ... unless they're a paedophile."

Awesome. I laughed way too much at that one, because I'm 12 years old. Yesterday I overheard this gem:

Teacher: "Make sure you tell the teacher aides if you need any help."
Student: "Okay. AIDS!"

lololol get it? Hilari-moose. Makes me wish I was back at high school so I could resort to paedophile and AIDS related humour to become an instant comedian.

It's tempting to put the title of this post as "AIDS and paedophilia" but I don't think that will win me many fans.

So the moral of the story is ... teaching is fun. :)


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