Wednesday, February 2, 2022

9-ish years later

Welcome back. I shall provide you with no updates on my life for the past nine years. You will just have to figure it out yourself through context clues.

So for the next six months or so (possibly a year), I won't be working as much as I have been the past few years. I will also be on about a quarter of my usual salary. Am I an idiot? Possibly. But I'm really cool, so I guess I've got that going for me. 

Until I start my postgrad in March, I'm just going to be dicking around the house for a bit. This was my dream scenario last year. Now I am bored as batshit. Last year I watched Anne with an E and was overcome with jealousy towards Marilla Cuthbert. I know she is really fucking poor, and I know she's only got one outfit, but SHIT man. What a life. She wakes up at like 4am, milks some cows, picks some flowers, and then spends the rest of her day preparing meals for the family. Sometimes she might yell at Anne for being a big stupid feminist, and sometimes she might ride her horse to Rachel's house for a nice healthy gossip, but mainly Marilla just spends her life cooking, cleaning, gardening and being stern. 

During my most stressful work moments, I wished I could have this life. I bet Marilla never had to scream at any teenagers for hooking a seagull to a fishing line in order to use it as a kite. I bet she never had to remind any children how inappropriate it is to take your shoes off during class and force other students to smell them. And she certainly would never have put up with any rat-faced HODs who, despite never so much as touching a musical instrument in all their lives, thought it prudent to inform you of how to teach the subject you've been studying your entire life. NOOO. Marilla would never. She's a bad bitch. And so am I, I guess. (Yeah gurl get it, woop woop.)

But I'm just really fucking bored now that I have a lot of time on my hands. 

Anyway. These are some things I wanted to do with my time, back when I had none:

Gardening: I have literal acres of land on which to grow things. Back when I had no time, everything died. Now I have lots of time, everything shall live. Hurray! 

Photography: I used to do this a lot, but I don't see much point in it anymore. I really struggle with doing things for fun if they aren't going to make me any money. Also, where do I share it? Instagram? Bleugh. So if I can't share it, and I can't make money from it, then what's the point? Yes I know. What a dumb outlook. Don't worry, I am in therapy for this. Anyway, photography. Will have to just be happy with taking amazing photos that are only destined for my desktop background.

Writing: Hey, look! I'm doing it! 

YouTube: Before we moved here, I had grand plans of making a YouTube channel all about gardening, self-sufficiency and home improvement. Work got in the way of this, OF COURSE, so inevitably everything died and I became grumpier with each passing day. Also every time I make a video and post it online, I end up deleting it in a matter of hours. I bet Marilla wouldn't do that. Probably because she's fictional.

Pottery: I have to wait til March for this one, because that is when the nearest pottery club opens again after having their Christmas break. I am not even joking. 

Piano/voice: I am supposed to be really good at both these things, but I never practice. Probably should sort that out.

Exercise: I went to the gym today. I also think I would like to do some yoga, but I cannot remember if I despise it or not. Will get back to you.

Business: I would like to grow mine, and also start another. I don't know what the other one is yet. I had so many ideas but they have all turned to mush in my mushy brain. 

Ok that'll do. I wrote some stuff. Now I have to wee. Good day. 


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