Sunday, April 21, 2013


Outfit details:

Blouse: Dotti
Jeans: Forever New
Shoes: T.U.K


Howdy doody! I wore this to venture into the city today. As you can see, Brisbane has some pretty dang cool buildings, which I have photographed to entice you all to come visit me. I don't go into the city very often, but today I went to watch my friend's band play in the mall. As it was a jazz band, I wanted to wear something comfortable so I could do some hippin' and a hoppin' like the young people do. Not really. I am a horrible dancer. There were some old people who were getting into it, though. Anyway! I love these jeans, they're so friggin' comfortable. I never want to be parted from them. And I got the shirt for $7 reduced from $50. SEVEN DOLLARS. Madness. What is the world coming to?!

I am going to go now because I keep making mistakes when I type. This is because I caught the ball like a mental person at netball this afternoon and bent my finger right back. I very eloquently started yelling "MOTHERFUCKER MOTHERFUCKER MOTHERRRRFUCCKKKKKER" when it happened. I am a lady. Goodbye!


    I wish for your jeans.
    I hope your finger is okay! Stupid netball injuries.
    Lately I have been surprising myself with the seriousness of my reflex swearing - no longer sh.oot or f.lip.

    1. It's all puffy and purple now. You may now refer to me as Big Finger McGee. I don't swear all that often but I feel like this was an occasion for it. I can't imagine you swearing! You are too nice and lovely, like a magical non-swearing unicorn.

    2. bahaha. and ow! (you'll have to deflect the ball with your forearm now [I'm not sure how many goals we will score])

  2. Good job scoring that shirt for $7!
    Netball is such a hazardous sport, hope your finger gets better soon.

  3. you are too cute! love your shirt, what a bargain! hope your finger feels better soon :( x

  4. You have a beautiful smile!!

    Hope you'll have time also to stop on my blog, here you have:

    Have a nice day!

  5. Hello lady! Those trousers are aces, I may have to steal them. You really should have done some jazz-hopping in them, they need to be danced in. OWWW yr poor finger, I hope it's ok now. See, that there is why I reject sports and embrace pizza. Ever had a pizza-related injury? No, nor me. It just doesn't happen. Sage life advice right there xx

  6. What lovely buildings. I've actually never been to Brisbane before. Love the jeans. This reminds me of my days playing netball where I did the same thing, so painful.

  7. oh you cutie! :) love the floral jeans, I remember seeing them in FN! bummed I didn't get them. and lol that is one of the (many) reasons why I suck at netball, somehow it misses my palm and if the ball doesn't miss me altogether it'll catch my fingers.

    Metallic Paws

  8. Adorable! Those pants are gorgeous x

  9. Wooo! Hey kitten, I am sorry I have disapeared from internet land, I am working very hard with very little time to spare! All that time is spent on Mark, kittys and rewatching the good ole Star Trek Next Generation on netflix! :) Fun times! I hope you are well, you are rockin the babe out of your outfit here dear! A lady indeed! I was grunting at the gym today, my boy the PT was pushing me to failure and my mouth did express it unwittingly! :) Glad to hear you are keeping fit!! Hope studies and your apartment are all braw! All the best kitten! Love Zoë xxxx

  10. Love your hair and eyebrows!

  11. Loving this style,and the photos are beautiful! xx

  12. What lovely buildings. I've actually never been to Brisbane before. Love the jeans. This reminds me of my days playing netball where I did the same thing, so painful.

  13. oh i love your jeans, your blog is just lovely, keep up the good work :)

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  14. Cute outfit! Love your jeans. Will follow via Bloglovin

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  16. That shirt is really gorgeous, you can see that it's, well, more expensive than actually seven dollars :D jeans look crazy comfy, I want them in my life too. Good luck with your finger!


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