Sunday, January 20, 2013

christmas in australia

Because it's never too late for Christmas photos!

1) The ridiculous house that we stayed in. SO COOL.
2) The view from the balcony.
3) Wheeee presents!
4&5) Gareth and Ferg.
6) Me grinning like a fool. 


  1. merry (belated!) christmas! Is it strange to have warm Christmases? I'm sure you're used to it, but it seems so interesting to me haha. :)

  2. Uguuuu so cute! I et you went surfing after right? ;)

  3. lol to the previous comment wtf? Anywho I agree never to late for chrissy photos! We get New Years ones next? :P xx

  4. These photos are so beautiful and such an adorable cat!!

  5. Lovely photographs! I can't get my head around blazing sunshine and presents under a Christmas tree but I know I definitely want to try Christmas in Australia some time! xo

    Rosie // A Rosie Outlook

  6. YOU GOT CATS FOR CHRISTMAS?!?! I cannot even begin to describe how well-jel I am right now. Aussie Xmas looks incredible, want to swap next year? Cardiff is great in the winter - right now it's rocking the 'frozen toxic wasteland' look. Hrrrm.

  7. Aww YUAS! I know how terrible I for no sending you a wired word or two! I keep thinking randomly, I wonder what that cutie is up to :) I hope you are all good, Christmas in Australia always makes me wonder, I will have to partake in a sunshine Christmas one year! Seems so strange coming from a baltic snowed in spot! :) You are adorable and Ferg kitty <3 Oh I do adore ginger! :) I am on a mental mental detox and feeling pretty braw but not had sleep in 6 nights! @.@ Hope you are enjoying January! Love from Scotland! xxx

  8. AMAGAD PRESENTS! I miss christmas. It's very strange to see christmas in a sunny area, I automatically link christmas to cold weather. Though I would kill for warm weather right now. SUN, COME HERE NOW. That cat is amazing, I have three little tigers too <3

  9. That's true - Christmas is fine all year round! :-)

    Have the loveliest day,

  10. But I lurrrrrve that grinning fool face!! :D *smooches*
    Dude, I really dig the structures in Australia land. That dome-ish look on the houses is super neatO!
    Glad to see you and the mister had a happy shmappy Christmas. Presents are the best part! ;)))

  11. Is it just me, or your lovely minty background is making me dizzy? :-)

  12. that is some crazy architecture in that place but it loosk pretty amazing and that view is perfect. gotta love a man who shows his love for kitties : ) glad you had a great holidays!

  13. i love how this random holiday/christmas post made me smile today!! :D awesome!

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