Wednesday, November 30, 2011

pink leopard



Blouse: Zara
Skirt: Portmans
Oxfords: Dorothy Perkins

I bought this blouse in London last year, but I've hardly worn it in Australia because I haven't had a plain coloured skirt to wear it with. Until now! I like it a whole lot. Also, you may notice in the third picture the big stupid scar on my stupid face. It goes in a diagonal line from my eye to middle of my cheek. It kind of sucks because I can't cover it with makeup, it's just so lumpy and obvious. On the plus side, this scar officially makes me a pirate! Yarrrrgghh.

Haven't been up to much lately, apart from starting summer semester this week. Bleeughh it's horrible. I turn 23 on Sunday, so I'm going out for pancakes with some pals on Friday night. WHAT DO I WEAR OMGZ?! I've already received one very excellent birthday present from mah boyfraaannnd, which I will show you on the weekend! Don't worry, it's nothing naughty. Sorry to disappoint.

PS - I'm thinking of adding a "travel" section to mah blawg, what would you think of that? Just that travel is something I'm very interested in, and I have some quite nice photos of the places I've been. Would that be interesting to anybody? Let me know okay BYE BYE.


  1. You look so prettyyyy! Glad to hear your procedure went well, I can't see a scar at all! It will fade a lot anyway, and to help it along use Bio Oil on it, it's what I use on my surgery scars and it works really well :)

    I would love a travel section! I love love love to travel, and I would love to read about where you've been! xx

  2. Loving the shirt hun! Yay for birthdays and presents hehe. I am really interested in travel....havent done alot but would like to so fire away! xx

  3. You're so gorgeous missy, pirate scar and all! Hehe :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Sunday! I hope you have a wonderful b'day weekend! I'm turning 23 too, next Thursday! Almost birthday twins hehe. I'd love to read about travel stuffs!

  4. You are so adorable! I really like your pink leopard blouse! Of course, share your travel pics, would love to see it.
    Good luck!

  5. I don't see a scar! Girl you so pretty I don't even care.
    I like the blouse! I tihnk it would be cute with a black bodycon skirt too. I have way too much black in my wardrobe. :<


  6. Super cute blouse! I love how you mixed the bright colors. Also, happy early birthday! I went to eat pancakes for my birthday this year, too! Except I ended up getting a waffle covered in ice cream and chocolate syrup, which made me sick afterward. Worth it!
    And you should definitely post some of your traveling adventures. I would love to see where you have been!

  7. I love your blouse and I really like it with that skirt. Happy Birthday for Sunday and I would love to hear about your travels X

  8. oh em GEEEEEEEEEEE I love your outfit (And am now proud to proclaim that we may have the same taste in clothes) And has anyone ever told you that you look a bit like amy pond from dr who (YAY!!)

    As for the travel posts, I say why not?? It's your blog. Can't wait to see them (take lotsa lotsa pics!!!)

  9. Ooh this is so pretty sweetie! I love how you paired the pink with the blue skirt - gorgeee.

  10. Love the pink leopard - you look adorable.

    Friday night pancakes? Wear something roomy since pancakes tend to expand later on....

    Yes - on the travel section.


  11. Hey muffin, its actually at Robina Town Centre :) and yay for Kmart right? I have two pairs of awesome wedges from there that I love and a few cute clothes, love me a bargain haha.

    p.s. thanks for the legs comment made my day hehe xx

  12. oh, I love everything about this outfit! this shirt is divine and you paired it so perfectly! and this cute hairdo, you look just extremely lovely, seriously ♥

  13. DEFINITELYadd a travel section, and be sure to include rofl-worthy anecdotes! Gosh-dang, the weather looks lovely in yr photos, that and yr blouse is making me super-jelz. Kudos! xx

  14. this is a very cute outfit! I love the colours xx

  15. This outfit is cuhhh-yute! Haha nothing at all wrong with being a pirate! Though in terms of Pirates vs Ninjas... noone ever chooses pirates :( Poor pirates... xxx

  16. What a stunning post!!! I love the first!!!!

    FOLLOW EACH OTHER?!?! ;) ;)
    If you leave a comment on my blog AND follow it...then I'll do the same!!!!! <3


  17. I never tought I would love a pink leopard blouse so much like I love that one! It has the perfect shape and the ruffles are so cute :D

    About the travel section: DO IT! I would love to read it!

  18. love your outfit!! that blue skirt is beautiful :) now following!!


  19. I loveee that leopard print! <3



  20. girl you are rockin this outfit! beautiful

  21. That skirt is adorable!!! I love that you paired it with a bright colored top... lovely! :)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  22. Love this blouse on you! You look amazing. I also really love the little tagline on your header, I two have a strong relationship with the only man in my life; my cat. He features heavily on my instagram account, I am the epitome of crazy cat lady!

    -LAURA xx

  23. So pretty and cute! I say hell yes to travel section, I Don't travel, let me live through you~

  24. I really must buy something from Zara. I really like everything I see from there...


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