Sunday, October 16, 2011

purple and red

My last post got me thinking about how much I like the combination of purple and red. So I wore some purple and red clothes. These aren't the best photos because my boyfriend isn't around to take them for me. I don't have a tripod, either, so I had to use my fridge and then a music stand. Haha. Ah, fridges. Is there anything they can't do?

Special appearance by Little Dee Dee the cat!




 Shirt: Diana Ferrari
Skirt: Dotti

I realised afterwards that using the flash was probably a bad idea because it kind of makes me look like a giant. I'm not a giant!

Might go dye my hair now to avoid doing my presentation. Yes, it's due tomorrow. Yes, I have to speak for ten minutes without any notes. Yes, I am freaking out because I am terrible at speaking in front of an audience. Yes, it's a group assignment and there are people depending on me. No, I haven't started.


  1. Naturally ha ha. Good luck with your assiginment, I'm sure you'll do great!

    Loving the purple & maroon together <3

  2. I learned that no one will know if you just bullshit most of it. I did that for one of my monologues even.
    Give me your shirt. >[ I really want a good pussybow blouse but can never find any.

  3. Nawww hi Dee Dee! I love your skirt. Good luck with the assignment, just bullshit your way through, no one will know! x

  4. Love the colour combo :) Good luck on your assigment hun Im sure you'll do fine xx

  5. You look so pretty! Lovely outfit, aren't cats the best accessory?
    I'm the same I've got 3 modules due in a few months and I haven't started them, eeep!
    I'm sure your presentation will go fantastically!
    Hope you have a lovely day!
    Ellie xx

  6. your hair always looks fantastic.. is there anything special you do to keep it so healthy-looking?


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