Monday, October 10, 2011

impulsive purchases

HELLO. Meet my new friends!

What a good start to the week! They're a bit crumpled from the journey from the UK, but I can't wait to wear them. Not all at once, obviously. 

My weekend was pretty good. My boyfriend and I had a friend from America stay with us for a couple of nights. We met him on the tour (this one, if anyone's interested!) last year when we travelled around Europe. It was a pretty fun weekend, we just showed him the touristy parts of Brisbane and took him for cider and steak at The Fox Hotel. Fun fact: it is really hard to explain to an American (or any non-Australian, for that matter) what a bogan is.

What did you nice people get up to on the weekend?


  1. This post is perfect and so is your blog!
    I've been a fan for a while now, keep it up :)

    Say Hi to your newest follower!

    Maybe you could check out mine and follow if you get time?


  2. Yay your new goodies arrived! Very cool.

    We sell a lot of Topdeck at work, all I hear is good things & that the food is awesome!

    Ha ha we have bogans here too, LOTS of them in fact lol

  3. Ha ha well I am looking at moving to Aussie next year (hopefully Melbourne) I'll let you know if I do, I can hook you up :)
    Topdeck have some awesome earlybird specials out for next year...
    If you go into any Flight Centre in Aussie ask about the low price promise - that's the cheapest way to book anything!

  4. the peter pan polka dot dress, and the cat dress, and the tan brogues. i like. a lot. considering becoming acquainted with ms perkins.

  5. Dorothy Perkins is one of my favourite shops, I have banned myself from it at the moment as I have no money and they always have such great stuff, loving everything you bought, you have very good taste ;)

  6. I love this blue collar dress! Where is it from? Owww, my bank account is going to go crazyyy! (again!) I also have this cat dress, in a blue! Was perfect for summer :-) x

  7. Cat dress!!! (catfanatic) I am so jealous!

  8. I have been soooo jonesin' on buying clothes from Dorothy Perkins, but I just hadn't yet. Even though that website has some of the prettiest things I've ever seen! I'm glad you posted pictures of your pieces, I will certainly release whatever reservations I had about ordering from there and go bonkers with my moneyz now! haha I love love love your peter pan collar polka dot dress + your kitty print dress!! There is this blouse on ModCloth that is kitty print AND has a neck tie! I'm dying over it and the only reason I haven't purchased it is because it's on my wishlist and I'm waiting to see if any family members buy it for me. lol Oh, and of course I love your oxford flats. <--Also an obsession of mine.


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