Tuesday, September 6, 2011

world's worst golfer

Blazer: Valleygirl
Dress: TEMT
Hat: Roxy
Shoes: City Beach
Earrings: Some glass shop in Canada
Necklace: Stole it from my mother.

Oh hello there. Here I am at a golf course, for some reason. All the old people would have been gossiping about the pink haired hooligan who completely disrespected the game and interrupted their birdies and bogeys and handicaps and whatnot.

Anyway! Wore this to uni to do a presentation for one of my subjects. I strongly dislike doing speeches, I'm not really good at speaking for an extended period of time. Eventually I start to ramble and make jokes that a) aren't funny and b) don't make any sense. I would much rather stay at home and eat a big pile of cake.

This hat is an excellent invention as it hides my hideous regrowth.



  1. YOU'RE SO DAMN CUTE. That's exactly what I do too, I bet it went better than you think. x hivenn

  2. Love the blazer and your hair colour is really cute!


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